Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) – Summary

While I was colleting the bloopers, my friend and I discuss about this drama. One day we have an idea to put our discussion into a summary and share it to everybody. In this summary, we put our opinion, idea, question, fact, etc. Today we finish it finally. After read it, please do not hesitate, you can leave any comment. We will appreciate any comment.

The best performance :

  1. Yoon Eun Hye
  2. Hong Soo Hyun
  3. Park Ji Yoon

The favorite performance :

  1. Ryu Seung Soo
  2. Ja Doo

The best relationship :

  1. Ah Jung and So Ran
  2. So Ran and Jae Bum
  3. Ah Jung and her father

The worst relationship :

  1. Ki Joon and Ah Jung
  2. Sang Hee and Ah Jung

 The best couple :

  • Hong Soo Hyun and Ryu Seung Soo

The worst couple :

  • Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan

The best kissing of Ah Jung and Ki Joon :

  • Home warming party
  • Cola shaking

The best/funny scene of Kang Ji Hwan :

  1. When he said “여보, 나 여기있어” to Ah Jung for the first time on episode 4
  2. Cola shaking on episode 8
  3. Playing golf with Chinese investor on episode 5
  4. When set up the lamps on the trees on episode 12

Suggest for Kang Ji Hwan :

  • Please, choose the comedy drama and the ridiculous/funny role. It suits you

Car number :

  • Ki Joon

53루 5217

53루 5974

43누 4064


48허 4436

  • Ah Jung

11가 3357

01히 2683

  • Manager Park

27 노 8097

27 노 8087

  • So Ran

43누 4067

 Fact :

  • For anyone would like to buy or replace handphone, it is advisable to buy Samsung Galaxy S II. It has already proven that is durable and grind resistant. Even though it has already slammed and crushed, it still can function perfectly. HEBAT EUY !!! Daku juga mau tuh..
  • Being rich person, you can change the car in the middle of way, anytime anywhere you want. Bikin orang ngiler aja

Alternate solution :

  • Ah Jung fell in the middle of forbidden forest

It would be nice if Ah Jung fell because of she tried to avoid a snake/other animals, which came closer to her suddenly. Of course, she would be panic and afraid.  As we know, she was in the middle of forbidden forest and almost no one ever come to there. So, why is there a bench ? Nggak masuk akal ada bangku di sana. Aneh. Buat apa coba…. Iseng amat..

  • Ki Joon’s announcement publicly at park

As the president of famous and prestigious hotel group, he should make the press conference, which was much more elegant, rather than made announcement at park very loudly. Presiden gitu loh….. Benga’ bengo’ neng taman, ora genah, ora pantes, ora elok banget d

  • Ki Joon’s propose

Ki Joon should propose Ah Jung when he met Ah Jung’s father in formal manner to get his blessing, not when he was drunk and only said it to Ah Jung

  • Group people when Ki Joon and Ah Jung announced their relationship at park and when they were in front of étalage

The director should arrange few people or very small group people. In reality, we think it will be no such group people standing over there. It does not make sense the way you made it. Scene2 tsb sangat berlebihan… banget…. banget….. lebay.

  • Ah Jung fell in the party

If the director wanted to make the dramatic action, it could be made Ah Jung bumped against the waiter, who brought the glasses and the glasses fell down. It more makes sense rather than you put the cable on the floor and hope she would fall. If it happened to me, I will complaint to the hotel manager. Iki neng hotel mewah lho… Kok yo kabel pating kleweran neng lante. Kepriben toh

  • Ah Jung received some stuff from Ki Joon and Ki Joon met Ah Jung at the end of episode 16

Since Ki Joon had already sent some stuff to Ah Jung and then he realized it that he had done something wrong, he should come and give explanation about his purpose and reason personally to Ah Jun. It could be done right after Ah Jung received the stuff. Why did director and writer make such ending ? Ni ending gayanya jadul nemen. Uweleeekkk tenan. Hari gini gitu loh… masih bikin yang kayak gitu…..Amit amit d

Question :

  • When the rumor about Ki Joon’s secret marriage spread around, why are no reporters know about it ?
  • Can employee wear shorts or mini dress as outfit during office hour in government office ?
  • Since when has Sang Hee fall in love with Ah Jung ?
  • Since when has Park Hoon close to Ah Jung as friend ? He never shows up with Ah Jung and builds up the friendship. So, how can he know everything about Ah Jung ?
  • Is it possible that while she/he is crying, she/he still can drive the car safely ?
  • Why is there a bench in the forbidden forest ? The bench looks like a new one
  • When South Korean men depress, do they always have drinking a lot ? We see many such scenes in almost K-drama
  • Is the plastic model Ki Joon’s hobby ? We don’t see he does his hobby more than one time
  • Can the judges from Japan and French speak English ? It seems like they only know their own mother language. If so, in which language does Ki Joon translate Ah Jung’s explanation about 제주도? The most of time Ki Joon only speaks in Japanese. Do other judges understand it ?
  • Is it true that Ki Joon, Manager Park and Park Hoon really have meeting in early morning around 03:00 AM ?
  • When and from who did the shareholder who had been fired, get the information about Ki Joon’s fake marriage ?
  • How much does taxi fare in Seoul ? It will cost a lot for Ah Jung from her office to Ki Joon’s auntie’s office
  • Does Ki Joon’s auntie give her half-blessed or against it ? To Ki Joon she give half-blessed and to Ah Jung she against it. That’s what we understand
  • When did Ah Jung and Ki Joon have an idea to arrange a date for Ah Jung’s father and his long-lasted-lover ?
  • How did Ki Joon manage the time to have dinner with Ah Jung, visit to Yoon Joo house and make gochujang in just one night ? Did he sleep ?
  • Do they have a habit to remake the contract and list ?
  • When did Ki Joon buy/collect the stuff which reminds him to the memories with Ah Jung ? We acknowledge for newspaper, pen and traditional concert ticket. But for other stuff ? Who knows
  • What did Ki Joon say to Ah Jung over the phone exactly at the end of episode 16 ? It is mysterious case. You keep us wondering a lot

Conclusion :

  • 이드라마는 정말…. 재미없고 이상해요
  • YESSS !!! The rating for the 2 last episodes, which are published in, are same as my prediction
  • This drama is very awful, worst, flop and big disaster which has been made and we have ever watched
  • Episodes 1 – 8 are still OK. The rhythm of story line is as what we expected. We still have the passion, can feel the emotion and still excited to wait and watch the next episode
  • Episodes 9 – 16 are very worst, horrible and anti-climax. The rhythm of story line is very bad, total chaos and too much up down uncontrollably
  • Episodes 15 – 16 should be used to solve the previous/existing problems/issues, not to create new problems/issues. It is too complicated and does not have much time anymore. As we can see the result becomes very horrible and seems like to be rush
  • The director and writer cannot manage the rhythm of story line, cannot explore script much deeper and cannot build up the characters and their relationship as well. Too many missing link and leave question marks in the story
  • Each issue/problem cannot be solved smoothly. Even thought it can be solved, the solving is in unusual and unexpected way. It always make a doubt for viewer
  • Yoon Eun Hye acts so natural, very good and suits with Ah Jung’s characters
  • The character of Ah Jung is created as woman who sometime makes a decision by heart/emotion, especially for private matter. If it causes a problem, she will responsible and solve it on her own way. The good point was when she confessed her lie in front of reporters.  In her job, she capable to do all the tasks and sometimes got help from Ki Joon
  • Kang Ji Hwan acts poorly and can’t balance Yoon Eun Hye
  • The character of Ki Joon is created as perfect person. However, in other side he is not mature person, cannot make the decision wisely and is no gentleman. His love to Ah Jung looks like a half-hearted. Jadi cowok kok ya plin plan, nggak punya pendirian kuat. Menyebalkan ngeliat cowok kayak gitu
  • The relationship between Ah Jung and Ki Joon is so awkward and less chemistry. Only in the beginning, there is a little bit chemistry, especially when at bench, home warming party and cola kissing. At the end, he tries to gain Ah Jung trust. But, we think it’s too late and short, no time left. It would be better if he start it on episode 14 or 12
  • We still do not understand what Ah Jung is missed of and she will give the answer after she finds it and also what Ki Joon say at expedition. Nggak mudeng. Apa karena telmi ya
  • The stuff from Ki Joon to Ah Jung. This has ambiguous meaning.

a)     He wants to erase their memories and break up

b)    He wants her to remember their memories and back to him (Refer to what he said at exhibition)

If we see his expression when ask Park Hoon to deliver it, option a is more suitable. In another side, when we see her expression, option b is more suitable. What does the director want to tell us, option a or b ? This one becomes a hot topic, which we debate it. Unsolved issue

  • Until the end, we do not know whether Ki Joon’s auntie gives her blessing or not. If she does not give it, why Ki Joon does not try to persuade her. Although at the end she will not give her blessing, Ki Joon and Ah Jung can make decision to move on. This is same as 내 이름은 김삼순 and 시크릿 가든 – Ooops, Hyun Bin drama. This part is unfinished issue
  • There are some moments between Ah Jung and Ki Joon having fun together, but it seems like they are being force to be fun. It’s very awkward
  • Now let’s talk about Ki Joon’s confession.  If he is smart, wise and wants win-win results, he should not confess his fake marriage to Chinese investor publicly in meeting. Just continue the contract and renew the relationship with Ah Jung. The fact is he has already realized that he fall in love with her. Blo’on bener sih ni orang
  • The Chinese investor issue is too draggy and exhausting. It also consumes more than half of total episodes, 11 episodes exactly. Nggak penting banget d
  • The relationship of So Ran and Jae Bum is much better than Ah Jung and Ki Joon. We always fun to see them and wait their appearance. It’s quite refreshing
  • The friendship of Ah Jung and So Ran is very funny and looks as real as in daily life, even though they are always jealous to each other and have to be better than another in everything
  • Sang Hee ? Hmmm… We do not know what he wants. At the beginning, he just seems to like Ah Jung, not fall in love. But starting episode 9 he seems like a jealous man, which means he has already fall in love. We don’t know since when he has fall in love with Ah Jung
  • Almost at the end, after long time we do not see Ah Jung and Sang Hee together, suddenly Ah Jung came to Sang Hee place. What did her intention ? Ohh… this one is awkward too. Ganjil rasanya. Nggak ada juntrungannya, eh… nylonong masuk
  • Park Ji Yoon is awesome as Manager Park. Her expression always same and no smile. I like her style. Everything she said to Ki Joon is right and wise. It seems like she always reminds Ki Joon in how to making decision regarding his private problem. About her friendship with Ki Joon, we have no clue at all, no background story. We only see once they chatted together in after the office hour. Itu juga cuma sekelebatan aja. Are they closed friends ?
  • Park Hoon always confuses us with his behavior. We do not know what to say, but we try. As Ki Joon’s secretary, he knows about his boss personal matter, include his fake marriage. It means he knows and ever meets Ah Jung. He also claims that he becomes friend with Ah Jung. But in several events he looks like doesn’t know Ah Jung and who his boss’ girlfriend is. Nggak jelas ni orang
  • Yoon Joo wanted back to Ki Joon only base on the memory and does not see the reality. She is typical woman, who wants to back to her ex-boyfriend. No comment
  • Ja Doo reminds us to Phoebe Buffay in Friends. The characters are same. We like her song and lyrics, which is spontaneous and original
  • The relationship between father and daughter is so nice. They are really closed to each other. As father, he can as friend too. I envy at them
  • Too many fundamental flaws. Some are more like the director plays magic
  • Lack in date and time setting on watch, handphone and newspaper. For example, in episode 8 Ki Joon’s watch. It shows us that he wait Ah Jung more than 24 hours. Another example, this one is horrible, date on SMS from Yoon Joo in beginning episode 13 and date on newspaper in almost the end episode 13. It shows us both the date are same. Are we in time machine ? It seems like we are in time machine and it brings us to the future, then to the past and then back to present time. It reminds me to Quantum Leap and Back to the Future. WOW !!! Its genre is science-fiction too
  • This one we are unaware of it. The lead actor and actress have the telepathy skill
  • The rating is 5.5 (range 1 – 10)
  • q(;^;)p
  • Not recommended
  • 정말 거짓말, 만약 누군가 말하면 “이거 좋아해요”

Suggestion :

  • 제발 두 번째 시즌은 만들지 마세요

At the end comments are :

  • Blas…. Blas… Mblabas aja gitu d
  • Nggak menarik sama sekali
  • Nggak ada kesan
  • Datar banget
  • Cetek
  • Ora ono greget ne
  • Aneh bin ajaib
  • Kacau balau
  • Ancur banget
  • BT abis
  • Gatot

(Sorry, only express the comments in our dialect)

There is no guarantee that the drama rating will be high if they cast the famous/best actor/actress. It depends on the script, director, writer and production team. Frankly, at the beginning we had a high expectation on this drama. However, since in the middle our expectation faded slowly and almost at the end it is gone. After episode 16 finished, the last thing we did, was frowned and said “Haa….. That’s it ?”

We make this summary objectively. Even the overall result is not really good, but still we’re Yoon Eun Hye fans. We hope she will come back in new drama with good script, writer, director and production team, as good as 커피프린스 1호점.

Credit :

  • Oejangkasep. Thank you for sharing your opinion, idea and for helping me to create this summary. We have great time to discuss it.

Note :

My favorite dramas of Yoon Eun Hye :

  1. 커피프린스 1호점
  2. 포도밭 그사나이

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    styrn..I’m gonna kill you for this…hahaha..for my love to YEH n KJH
    I forgive always be my sweet enemy lol…
    I love all YEH’s dramas…CP,Goong,LTM,MFL n TVM!! if u allow me..I will post everything about YEH here….

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