Looking for Dorothy (도로시를 찾아라)

Also Known As: Finding Dorothy
Directed by: Choi Yong Won
Language: Korean
Genre: Mystery
Release Name: 도로시를 찾아라 / Dorothy Reul Chajara


A community is driven into a state of tension and paranoia as more and more children mysteriously go missing. In the midst of this, Ji Soo and Hyun Soo’s daughter, Soo Ah, is also kidnapped. A special kidnapping rescue squad is dispatched to investigate the case, attempting to find out where the children disappeared to and whether or not they’re still alive.


Kim Young Ho as Park Yong Soo (Detective Captain, 36)
Park Shi Eun as Na Kyung Ju (Detective, 27)
Kim Ye Won as Lee Soo Ah (10)
Ji Soo Won as Seo Ji Soo (Soo Ah’s mother, 34)
Lee Se Chang as Lee Hyun Soo (Soo Ah’s father, 36)
Lee Dae Yeon as Captain Pyo (45)
Lee Mae Ri as Anchor Bang Mi Ran (29)
Kang Sung Pil as Detective Cho (27)
Lee Won Yong as Park Hee Jae (Yong Soo’s father, 65)
Son Heon Soo (손헌수) as Kang Min Soo (Swimming coach, 28)

Credit : myasiancinema.com


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