Tearliner (티어라이너)

Tearliner (티어라이너) is one of indie musicians from South Korea under Pastel Music record label.

Embrace All

1. Embrace All
2. Final Scene
3. Yst
4. Embrace All (Sfnk Mix)
5. Embrace All (Radio Edit]
6. She`s Lovely

Letter From Nowhere

1. Rain Became Tears (Wet Tears Ver.)
2. Love Song (featuring Mineko Fujishima From Swinging Popsicle)
3. After The Travel
4. Life Is…
5. Dist Rush
6. Looking At You
7. Wed (featuring Mineko Fujishima From Swinging Popsicle)

Polaroid Life

1. Her Smile
2. Run, Just Run
3. Dream Chaser
4. Trotz Kills Minki
5. Shiny Day (After Rainy Day)
6. 함께라면
7. Tears
8. 불운의 사나이
9. Minki’s Bullets
10. Wake Up
11. Autumn Love
12. Loop
13. Surrealism (Inst Ver.)
14. Can’t Understand
15. Only My Luck
16. Ready To Fight
17. Waltz For Muscle
18. When You Fall
19. Back Up Your Memory
20. You And I
21. Woman Can Ride By Herself
22. 동네 한 바퀴 (Feat. 天聲)
23. Nice Cream, Soft Talk
24. Piano Roll

Little Room Diary

1. Lublic (Inst.)
2. Rain Became Tears (Misty Rain Ver.)
3. Watch The Star
4. Novaless featuring Min-Young
5. Cushion Babe
6. 너를 보며
7. 추억으로
8. Hide Again featuring Dawny
9. 하류의 기복
10. 삶이란
11. London Dream
12. Be A God
13. Rainy Day (Piano Ver.)
14. Pouring Rain (Hidden Track)


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