How To Set Asian Keyboard

Standard keyboard which we usually use is QWERTY. For some countries which have their own letter, they have their own standard keyboard. For example : Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, Arabic, etc. As for people who study other language as mentioned it before, they want to be able to write it in document, email or in chatting box. But, they have difficulty to do it, since don’t know how to add that language/letter in their PC/notebook.

That’s why I want to share how to set Asian keyboard in your PC/notebook. Please, follow the steps below :

Windows 7

  • Select Start > Control Panel

  • Select Clock, Language and Region

  • Select Region and Language

  • Select Keyboard and Language tab

  • Click Change Keyboards button

  • Click Add button

  • Select the language that want to be added
  • Check mark the language and Microsoft IME
  • Click OK button

Note : You can add other languages at the same time

  • Check the additional language
  • Click Apply button

  • At the right bottom bar, check the additional language by click EN

  • When you want to switch to other language, select the language you want. For example Korean

  • At the right button bar EN change to KO
  • Put the cursor into document, browser or any place that you want to write
  • To write in한글, click the A letter

  • The A letter change to한글
  • Now you are ready to write in 한글

For other Windows Operating System, exclude MAC OS, the steps are similar with Windows 7.

Have a nice try 🙂


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