Lee Min Ho conducts live interview through Weibo

On the 22nd, actor Lee Min Ho conducted a live interview with his Chinese fans through social networking site, Weibo. The chat lasted for an hour and within that hour, Lee Min Ho was asked a torrent of questions totaling 13,500, setting a new record in China.

Due to the number of fans trying to access the site and have a chance to chat with him, the site’s servers slowed down to a crawl and the interview was hindered by many slowdowns and other issues, but it only further proved his popularity in China.

Weibo’s live interviews are only reserved for the most elite of entertainers in China and this was the first time it was conducted with an celebrity from overseas. Needless to say, with 13,500 questions in just 60 minutes, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. In regards to their server slowing down, they remarked, “it just doesn’t happen to us“.

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “The number of participants for an interview with a Chinese celebrity ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand; in the case of an elite celebrity, perhaps 20,000. The interview with the main 5 cast members of China’s most popular drama had 120,000 participants altogether. But Lee Min Ho alone being asked 13,500 questions in under an hour is thought to be record-breaking. It just doesn’t compare.

China praises Lee Min Ho as his popularity is truly remarkable and what makes this interview more amazing is that they announced it only 24 hours before it actually took place.

Sina.com remarked, “He has set a new record with over 13,000 questions in an hour. No one can deny his fame here in China. We had so many questions, that we could not answer all of them in detail. Lee Min Ho conducted the interview well, handling the various questions from fans. Through this event, he showed them his humorous and witty personality.”

Lee Min Ho will be visiting China on the 26th for the launching party of Hyundai Veloster in China, which he will be personally endorsing.

Source & Image : OSEN via Nate

Credit : Allkpop


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