Lee Min Ho to model Hyundai in China

Chinese fans couldn’t be more thrilled, as actor Lee Min Ho (24) will be stopping by to visit China very shortly.

Lee Min Ho, who is well-known for his charismatic roles including his most recent, ‘City Hunter‘ with SBS has been chosen to model for Hyundai‘s new ‘Veloster‘ in China. He has a Veloster launching event as well as press interviews lined up for him, all which take place on the 26th.

The representatives of the Veloster launching event polled Chinese residents to see who they would most like to see attend the event, and within three days, Lee Min Ho was chosen. the odds of this were 1000 to one. Chinese Hyundai representatives revealed during an interview, “Seeing how Veloster will be marketed mostly to the younger generation of drivers, we have requested Lee Min Ho to be our model, as he is the most popular young celebrity here in China.”

Lee Min Ho currently has 3.8 million friends on Facebook, and also has one of the highest Twitter follower count out of all the Hallyu celebrities in Korea. He is nicknamed the ‘King of social networking’, and is currently communicating with 17 milllion Chinese fans through China’s Twitter equivalent, Weibo. His agency stated, “Lee Min Ho is the most-talked about celebrity on Weibo, and pictures of him are included in news articles that have nothing to do with him.”

Lee Min Ho will also be holding a live interview with his Chinese fans on the 22nd at 5:00PM CST. Due to his rising popularity in China, he is being cast in Chinese commercials, dramas, movies, TV programs, etc.

Due to his success with KBS2‘s ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, MBC‘s ‘Your Personal Taste‘, and SBS‘s ‘City Hunter‘ not only in Korea but all over Asia, Lee Min Ho plans on holding an Asia Tour towards the end of the year. His management company stated, “We thank the fans overseas for their continuing support. We are trying our best to visit other countries, especially the ones we have yet to see, and we will let you know as soon as things are confirmed. We hope that fans will not be inconvenienced by false Lee Min Ho visit rumors.”

Source & Image : SportsSeoul via Nate

Credit : Allkpop


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