Gong Yoo models in Portugal for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Actor Gong Yoo recently had a photo shoot for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ fashion magazine which took place in Portugal.

In the pictorial, Gong Yoo modeled fashionable clothing for the Fall season against the backdrops of the exotic landscapes of Portugal.

A photo shoot official praised Gong Yoo saying, “Like a real model, Gong Yoo’s stance caught the attention of the locals”.

Along with the shoot there was also an interview in which Gong Yoo shared, “The movie ‘The Crucible’ is based on the original writings of  Gong Ji Young, who wanted to aware others about those real situations (of violence to deaf students in schools). That’s why when they offered me the role I willingly accepted.”

For his role, Gong Yoo plays the part of a newly appointed teacher of a school for deaf students, who finds out about the terrible treatment of the students there.

‘The Crucible’ was released in theaters on September 22nd. You can find the rest of the interview as well as the Portuguese pictorials on the upcoming October issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.

Source + Image: NTN

Credit : Allkpop


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