My Love Patzzi (내 사랑 팥쥐)

Title: 내 사랑 팥쥐 / Nae Sarang Patjwi / My Love Patzzi
Chinese Title : 紅豆女之戀
Also known as: My Love Patzzi
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2002-08-26 to 2002-09-24
Airtime: Monday & Tuesday at 9:55 PM
Theme song: Sweet Dream by Jang Nara


Song Yi is a girl with a pure heart with a bad temper. She was tricked and humiliated by her “best friend” Hee Won as a child. From then on, Hee Won has always been the princess and successful while everyone mistook Song Yi as the evil child. When Song Yi did not have a job, Hee Won introduced her to the amusement park that she is in charge of. There she found her childhood friend and ex-crush Hyun Sung, who Hee Won has “stole” when they were kids. From then on, Hee Won tried to humiliate Song Yi many times, framing her in many situations that Hee Won has created herself. To get back at Hee Won, she decided to break the train that the park was launching so that Hee Won would be blamed. Little did she know that she caused more damage and that the train caught on fire. What was worse was that the son of the president of the park was in the train. Ridden with guilt, Song Yi risks her own life to save the life of Seung Joon. Seung Joon fell in love with Song Yi for her brave spirit and charming attitude, but what will happen to their relationship when Hee Won exposes to the world of what she has done?


Jang Na Ra as Yang Song Yi
Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Sung
Kim Jae Won as Kang Seung Joon
Hong Eun Hee as Eun Hee Won

Extended Cast

Kang Rae Yun as Hwang Bo Yu Ri
Kim Kyung Shik as Yang Sam Yul (aka Yang Yoo Bin)
Shin Dong Mi as Noh Ji Young
Park Kwang Jung as Nam Joo Im
Huh Jung Min as Moon Seung Man
Park In Hwan as a Pool technician
Lee Se Young as Yang Song Yi (as a child)
Kwon Oh Min

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Kim Yi Young
Producer: Lee Jin Suk

Official Site


Watch Online with English Subtitle

Credit : Koreandrama

6 responses to “My Love Patzzi (내 사랑 팥쥐)

  • styrnsr

    So, what’s ur waiting list ? Mine is still Athena. It has been delayed long time ago.

  • oekas

    I’m still here watching u guys 🙂
    Jang Na Ra has to wait since i have plenty drama on my waiting list 🙂

  • styrnsr

    Hey, it has been long time not see u. Where have u been rhis time ? Yeah, it’s not worth it to watch it. But if u like her, there is her new drama, Baby-faced Beauty. Perhaps u want to watch it. I have it, but still don’t have plan to watch it

  • oekas

    Yeee…My first drama…and pathetic as well hahaha.
    My intention was to see Jang Na Ra and somehow this drama taught me that i should watch better drama 😀

  • styrnsr

    BTW, i think it’s beeing on air in one of local tv

  • styrnsr

    I don’t know the reason why it’s total episodes is 10 eps only. The impact is the plot becomes shallow and their relationship seem like as friends only too until the end.

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