Bichunmoo (비천무)

Title: 비천무 / Bicheonmu
Also known as: Bichunmu / Bichunmoo / Dance in the Sky / Flying Heavenly Dance
Chinese title : 飛天舞
Genre: Fantasy, romance, action
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast year: 2008-Feb-01 to 2008-March-21
Air time: Fridays 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama will depict a serious love story. These days love is taken for granted and the purity of love is often secondary on the list. However, for anyone that has experienced true love they will understand the depths and to-the-core experience love can bring. Some will risk their lives, while others will walk away…

Bicheonmu revolves around the story of love and revenge between four characters. Some will undergo great sacrifice for their love, some will fight to the death, and some will seek revenge.


Joo Jin Mo as Liu Zhenhe (Jin-ha) 劉珍河
Wang Ya Nan as Nangong Junguang (Namgong Jun-kwang) 南宮俊光
Park Ji Yoon as Xueli (So-lee) 雪莉
Niu Li as Chen Lizhen (Jin Yuh-jin) 陳麗珍
Kim Kang Woo as Shi Jun 史俊
Wang Zhi Hua as Huang Pu 皇埔
Park Shin Hye as A Li Shui 阿利水
Huang Da Liang as Nangong Yanji 南宮延吉
Yan Kuan as Liu Zhangyu 劉璋玉
Jiang Hong as Su Xian


Disputes over this drama were finally settled and this drama will be aired by SBS in 2008.
This drama was aired in China before it aired in Korea.

Production Credits

Original writing (manga): Bichunmoo (비천무) by Kim Hye Rin
Director: Yoon Sang Ho (운상호)
Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Gyung (강은경)
Action director: Ma Yu Cheng (马玉成)

Official Site

Watch Online with English Subtitle

Watch Online with Chinese Subtitle

Credit : Koreandrama, MyAsianCinema


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