Papa (파파)

Release Name: 파파 / Pa-pa
Directed by: Jun Ki Sang
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: January 3, 1996 – February 29, 1996


After a romantic affair that leads to the couple’s marriage and a seemingly solid family life complete with a child of their own, they start to discover the negative side of living together and their relationship gradually goes downhill. As a result they get divorced shortly afterwards. However, after many twists and turns fate pulls them together again and the two start understanding each other better than they ever did during their entire time as husband and wife.


Bae Yong Jun as Choi Hyeon-joon
Lee Young Ae as Han Se-yeong
Jung Chan as Han In-pyo
Choi Yoon Young as Lee Hee-ju
Park Chung Hyun as Yong Gong
Lee Hye Young as Hae-won
Lee Jenny as Lee Sukji
Cha Tae Hyun as Jang Jeong-mun
Lee Jung Yoon as Choi Heun-heun (Se-yung and Hyun-jun’s daughter)
Choi Kang Won as Yong Jae-hung (Yong Gong’s son)
Yoon Son Ha as Miss Bae
Choi Jong Won as Shin Shin-ho
Kim Min Hee as Jang Jee-yeong
Im Chan Ho as Mr. Lee (Hee-ju and Sukji’s father)
Park Sol Mi (ep15)


Producer: Jun Ki-sang

Credit : MyAsianCinema


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