Seoul MRT / Subway Map

If we want to travel to another country by our selves, the first thing has to be checked is the transportation. The transportation, which can be chosen are bus, MRT/subway, taxi or rental car. The cheapest one is MRT/subway.

I’ve seen the MRT/subway map from other countries. But, this one makes me to open my eyes wide and my head is dizzy. It’s hard to remember, even for short trip. I will be disoriented and can get lost over there, if I go by myself. 🙂

The best practice is you have to always bring the MRT/subway map, either in printing or mobile gadget (copy the file). Besides that, buy the T-money Card. It’s more cheaper than buy the single journey ticket cards. It can be topped up ₩ 1,000 – ₩ 50,000.

Seoul MRT/subway Map - English version

Seoul MRT/subway Map - Korean version

Seoul Metro

How to Purchase Single Journey Ticket Cards

In order to use the subway systems in the metropolitan areas, you must first purchase a single journey ticket card from one of the “Ticket Vending and Reload Device” located inside the subway station.  The single journey ticket cards can only be used on the subway and cannot be used in buses or taxis.

How to Use the Single Journey Ticket Cards

1.  At the ticket vending machine, select your destination (rates will differ depending on your destination)

2.  To receive your single journey ticket card, you will also need to pay a 500won deposit.

3.  To enter the subway, look for the subway turnstiles with the little green arrow, as the ones with indicated with a red ‘X’ are for passengers passing through in the opposite direction. Place your card on the electronic card reader (which says T-money), located on the right side of the turnstile, and pass through.

4.  After you arrive at your destination, check which is the best exit for you, and walk through the subway turnstiles, placing your single journey card on the electronic card reader on your right-hand side once again.

5.  Make sure you return your single journey ticket card to the “Deposit Refund Device” to receive your 500 won deposit back.

<Tip 1> On the first screen, you can select “ENG” for English.
<Tip 2> If you need to transfer to a different subway line on your journey, make sure you follow the signs in the subway station to get to the other line.  When transferring, you do not need to pass through a turnstile, and you will not need to purchase another card.

How to Purchase Transportation Card

The most frequently used transportation card is the ‘T-money Card.’ It is available for purchase at ticket windows of subway stations or at convenience stores and vendor kiosks that post a ‘T-money’ signboard. By using the T-money Card, instead of cash, the card user can get an approximately 10% discount on the regular fare.

The price of the T-money Card is 2,500 won, and the card can be easily recharged for amounts ranging from 1,000 won to 90,000 won. In particular, the deluxe type card offers mileage points based on total fare paid. For detailed information visit the webpage for transportation card information. • How to Use the Automated Travel Card Recharging Machine in a Subway Station


The Automated Travel Card Recharging Machine installed in most subway stations is convenient to use because of its clearly labeled numbers displayed on the orange colored screen. It is really easy to recharge the card when following the simple steps.

1. Place the T-money card on the money insert slot numbered 1 as shown in the photo.

2. Check the balance shown on the first row of the black liquid crystal display (LCD) screen.

3. Press the button of your choice. There are 8 options of varying monetary amounts: 1,000 won, 2,000 won, 3,000 won, 5,000 won, 10,000 won, 20,000 won, 30,000 won, and 50,000 won.

4. The machine will confirm the amount before charging and display it on the second row of the black LCD screen,

5. Insert money. Only 1,000 won, 5,000 won, and 10,000 won denominations are accepted. In 2007, the Korean Government issued new bills with sizes smaller than that of old bills. Although almost every automated machine was adjusted to accept the new bills, it is still best to insert the bill as close to the left side of the money insert slot as possible when you insert the new bill into the travel card recharging machine.

6. When the money is inserted, the bottom row of the black LCD screen will show the new balance (old balance + amount of newly charged money). Note that the amount of money shown on the black LCD screen (upper right side of the photo) stands for the money you inserted for recharging.

Below are other version of MRT/subway map :

Subway map - Korean version


Subway map - English version

Credit : Visit Korea, Seoul Metro     


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