Traveling to Singapore

Day 1, 15 December 2011

The 2nd day of my leave I flew to Singapore to take 5 days vacation with my parent. I imagined the vacation would be great and fun. I had few plans during staying over there. We departed on 15 December 2011 from Terminal 3. I think you will know which airline is. The plane should take off around 14:30. But, until 14:30 the plane was still not arrived yet. Everyone, who was already uneasy, asked the airline staff about the schedule. It delayed about 10 minutes. It was not good starting. Arrived at Terminal 1 Changi around 18:15 local time. Before passed the immigration, I just found out that the roaming international of my mother phone was not active, even though I’d already filed a request few weeks ago. I shall complain to the provider.  The immigration queuing was long and we were at the end of queue. Passed the immigration, we wanted to take the luggage. It almost made me scared, because I couldn’t find them. If the luggage still couldn’t be found, the worst thing we had to do is bought the clothes. Of course, it would deduct from our money, which was not much. After looked for few minutes, finally I found them. It was quite relief. It was 18:55 when we took taxi to hotel.

I’d been searching the hotel since 7 months ago. It was not easy to find the family room. I wanted 1 room for 3 guests. That time I had 2 choices, which were at Novena or Lavender area. Another requirement was the hotel should be near MRT station. After compared them, I decided to choose hotel at Lavender. It says that the hotel is very near the Lavender MRT. The hotel is V Hotel. We checked in around 19:30.  We got the non-smoking and top floor, 15th fl. After entered the room, I was surprised that it is so small for family room. The bathroom is same too. I said it’s okay since we used this room for sleeping only. We dropped the luggage, then went for dinner. Because we didn’t know the area, we asked the hotel staffs about the eateries place and Lavender MRT. I knew there is kopitiam, which open 24H, near the hotel, but didn’t know where it is. They gave us the directions.  You know what, this is my 2nd surprise. The kopitiam is behind the lobby and under level 2 of hotel. Of course, we have to go outside the lobby first. However, it only takes few steps to eateries and kopitiam. The 3rd surprise, the Lavender MRT is besides the kopitiam. Wow !!! I’m happy about it. O ya, for Muslims there is a halal eatery. It opens since 06:00 AM. For breakfast was no problem and we had not to worry. It was almost 22:00 when my mother and me decided to go to Bugis Village. The sightseeing only took 30 minutes and went back to hotel. After took a bath, I watched the news, which reported that MRT route for North – South line (red line) was disrupted. Ah ja….., when we went to Bugis Village, I saw the announcement, but didn’t know what was happened. I said, OK let’s see tomorrow. The first day passed and we slept quietly.

Bugis Street

Day 2, 16 December 2011

The top priority destination was IKEA. I had dream to go there since long time ago. I got the information that IKEA are located at Alexandra and Tampines. My friend recommends to go to Tampines. The MRT route for East – West line was still open normally. I’d never gone to Tampines before. So, I was not sure where is the shuttle bus to IKEA. I looked for couple of minutes and found the bus with the sign Giant and IKEA. We hopped in the bus. I thought the location is not far from Tampines MRT. In fact, it was far. The 1st stopped is Giant and the 2nd stopped is IKEA. Finally, my foot stepped in the store. My wish came true.  O ya….., my friend told me that at IKEA there are some designs for small house. He said the house is very small, but it’s complete. It contains the bed, dining, kitchen, laundry and bath area. When he told me, I laughed very loudly. Because I didn’t believe it. That was another reason, why I really wanted to go there. Bang !!! There it is. I saw with my own eyes the small house. At that moment, I still couldn’t believe it. However, it’s real. I don’t dare to imagine living in such house. At IKEA there are many nice things and I would love to buy it. But, I had to remind myself that there would be no space in luggage. So, we were sightseeing only. Back to hotel and took a short nap. At the evening, my mother and me went to Bugis Village. We bought some stone chocolates. My mother said our neighbor served the guests with it few days ago. We were sightseeing around the Bugis Village. When arrived at hotel room, my father had already slept. So, we took a bath and slept well too.

Tampines MRT

Eateries at Lavender



Fu Lu Shou Complex

Burlington Square

Bugis Street

Stone chocolate

Bugis MRT

Day 3, 17 December 2011

On the morning MRT route for North – South line was disrupted again. I saw it in the morning news. We had plan to go to Orchard. We had 2 alternatives way to go there. First, took a bus from bus stop near hotel. Second, took MRT to City Hall MRT, and then took a bus. My father decided to take a bus from bus stop near hotel. Since we didn’t know the bus service and the route, it was very difficult to find it. At the 1st bus stop, we couldn’t find the route to Orchard. When a bus came, I saw the sign on the bus mentions the destination is Orchard. My father asked the driver and he pointed to bus station at across the street. After we got there at the 2nd bus stop, we found the bus service NR7, which pass the Orchard. But, someone said that we should take bus service 7. I was a little bit confused. She explained that NR7 is the night ride. I couldn’t asked any further, because she was already took a bus. We wait over there for 30 minutes and the bus never came. Actually, after waiting 10 minutes, I’d started to suspect that something was wrong. Because it’s impossible in 10 minutes bus still don’t come. My father asked the people around there, they don’t know it. In the end, there was a couple, who wanted to go there too. They offered us to come along. They showed us the 3rd bus stop. Yay….., We found the bus services, which are 7 and 175. It didn’t take long time to Orchard. Of course, there was no traffic jam. We started to walk in Orchard from one side to another side. In the middle of walking, the heavy rain was fallen. O’oo… !!! We rushed to go inside mall. I forgot the name. We stuck over there for couple of hours. In the mean time, it was already lunchtime. We have lunch at Garuda. Before we left the mall, I saw the small show. It was Christmas show. We continued the sightseeing at Orchard. Just like other tourists, we stopped by at Lucky Plaza. At night, we took the bus service 7 to hotel. We were still not sure whether the MRT was opened or not. The taxi and bus queuing were long. I thought people were still afraid to take MRT. That day we went to Orchard only and it already made us tired.

When I enlarged this picture, under Indonesia flag it was written “Bahasa”. Does it refer to “Bahasa Indonesia” ? The real meaning of “Bahasa” is “language”. So, if they refer to Indonesian language, they shall write “Bahasa Indonesia”. This one needs correction.

Day 4, 18 December 2011

On the night before, there were announcement that MRT route for North – South and East – West lines would be closed for examination until 10:00 AM. I woke up early and went to 3 bus stops near hotel to check the bus services to City Hall MRT. Yeah, I wanted to go to Fullerton. That morning was cloudy. At the 1st and 2nd bus stops, I couldn’t find the bus service to St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is near City Hall MRT. The last hope was at the 3rd bus stop. Yay….., I found it. From here there are 3 bus services, which are 61, 145 and 197. Back to hotel and tell my parent about it. Around 10:00 AM we were ready to go and hope we could ride the MRT. When arrived in front of the Lavender MRT, the door was still closed and there was delay for opening MRT lines. We were disappointed. However, we started to get used to ride the bus gradually. During waiting the bus, the heavy rain was fallen. It had caused chaos the plan. I didn’t have alternate plan. I checked all the bus service and I might go to China Town or Mustafa. There is the bus service to go there. While I still hesitated to choose the destination, the rain was stopped. Ok, I decided to go to Fullerton. The bus came and we hopped in. Since I know the area, it was not difficult to alight at right bus stop. Suddenly, the heavy rain was fall again. Arghh !!! It was total disaster. To shelter from rain, we went inside City Hall MRT. The MRT lines was still closed. I think it was around 11:00 AM. We couldn’t go anywhere. Looked around the MRT station, I found sign to Esplanade. Yeah….., I remembered that I had ever gone thru the underground mall from Suntec to City Hall. We walked aimlessly, but our feet seemed like to choose Esplanade. From City Hall MRT to Esplanade it was the long walking, especially for my parent. With the slow walking, finally we could see the Esplanade. The important thing the rain was stopped. We took a rest for few minutes. Then continued to Fullerton, more specific to Merlion statue by walking. After few hours walking and sightseeing around Esplanade and Fullerton (Merlion), we went back to hotel. This time from City Hall we could take the MRT. The North – South and East – West lines had already opened. Later I got information that MRT lines opened around 12:00 PM, delayed 2 hours. At hotel we had dinner and couple of hours later, my mother and me went to Bugis Village. Again. She wanted to buy more some stone chocolates and souvenir for my nieces. That night was raining again. Around 22:00 we were ready to sleep.

Underpass to Esplanade

Underpass to Esplanade

Marina Bay Sands


Cannonball tree

St. Andrew's Cathedral

Day 5, 19 December 2011

We woke up at 06:00 AM, then took a bath and had breakfast. Packed the dirty clothes and other things. Since morning, it was raining heavily. I hoped that on afternoon the raining would be stopped. Check out around 10:15 AM and went to airport directly. On the way to airport, it was still raining. Even it got more heavily. We spent the time by sightseeing the stores. In fact, we bought some chocolates, maps, key chains and some snacks. My father bought chocolates. My father and me bought maps. Actually, I didn’t want to buy anything, but at the end I bought key chains. I changed my mind. Until we entered the gate D35 Terminal 1, it was still raining. Once again, the plane was delayed. Haa…… Finally we were on board and the plane was takeoff in raining. After flew few minutes, the rain was stopped and the plane had to thru the thick clouds. The pilot announced that the weather at Jakarta was much better than Singapore. It didn’t mean that the weather was sunny ja. On 15:30 local time we arrive at Jakarta. Home sweet home !!! We were back to home. On the way to home, it was raining lightly. Right after arrived at home, we unpacked the luggage. Oh….., this one was not really I like, but had to do it.  I went to bed very late, almost midnight. Right after my head was on pillow, I fell asleep. Very tired.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Harbour of Jakarta

Conclusion :

  • We were a little bit suffer because of raining day and MRT disruption
  • Don’t ever depend on MRT
  • Remember the street name, especially the hotel and destination places area. Having the city map is much better
  • Shall check the bus stop, bus service and bus route
  • Don’t mind to stay at V Hotel again on next time

Info :

  • V Hotel Lavender

V Hotel Lavender location & routemap

V Hotel Lavender Area

MRT route map


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