Han River (한강) : The Bridges

Seoul - Han River

Han River is the 4th longest river on South Korea, after the Amnok, Duman and Nakdong river.  We can see in Korean dramas, they always take the scene over there. After searching, I found that on Han River there are 28 bridges (from west to east) :

  • Ilsan Bridge; 일산대교

Ilsan Bridge

Ilsan Bridge

  • Gimpo Bridge; 김포대교

Gimpo Bridge

  • Haengju Bridge; 행주대교

Haengju Bridge

  • Banghwa Bridge; 방화대교

Banghwa Bridge

Gimpo, Haengju and Banghwa Bridge

  • Gayang Bridge; 가양대교

Gayang Bridge

  • Seongsan Bridge; 성산대교

Seongsan Bridge

  • Yanghwa Bridge; 양화대교

Yanghwa Bridge

By Subway

Line 9 to Seonyudo Station, exit 3, walk 15 min
Nearby attraction: Seonyudo Park

Gayang, Seongsan and Yanghwa Bridge

  • Dangsan Railway Bridge; 당산철교

Dangsan Railway Bridge

  • Seogang Bridge; 서강대교

Seogang Bridge

  • Mapo Bridge; 마포대교

Mapo Bridge

  • Wonhyo Bridge; 원효대교

Wonhyo Bridge

  • Hangang Railway Bridge; 한강철교

Hangang Railway Bridge

Hangang Railway Bridge

  • Hangang Bridge; 한강대교

Hangang Bridge

By Subway

Line 4 to Ichon Station. Exit 4 and walk for about 12 min.

Dangsan Railway, Seogang, Mapo, Wonhyo, Hangang Railway and Hangang Bridge

  • Dongjak Bridge; 동작대교

Dongjak Bridge

Dongjak Bridge

Dongjak Bridge

By Subway

Line 4 to Dongjak Station. Exit 1 for Gureum, Exit 2 for Noeul and walk for about 3 min

  • Banpo Bridge with Jamsu Bridge; 반포대교와 잠수교

Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge Fountain is very original of the kind. 380 nozzles equipped along the both sides of of Banpo Bridge (570m each, 1140m in total) pump up the river water which will fall from the top toward the surface of the river 20m down.

Mon – Friday : 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00, 21:00

Terminal Express Bus Station, Seoul Subway line 3, Exit #8 >> 5min walk >> located across the underground path
Source: KNTO and  Banpo

  • Hannam Bridge; 한남대교

Hannam Bridge

Hannam Bridge

By Subway

Take Line 3 to Sinsa Stn. Exit 4, or to Nonhyeon Stn. Exit 6,7, then take a transit bus

  • Dongho Bridge; 동호대교

Dongho Bridge

Dongho Bridge

This bridge is just beside Oksu Station. Whenever a train runs through it, blue lights will light up on its side. Once the train passes, the blue lights will disappear. (Source: Chaemii)

Check out the the article by KNTO on the killer views from observatory cafe’s outlooking these gorgeous bridges here and Han River water taxi here.

Dongjak, Banpo, Hannam and Dongho Bridge

  • Seongsu Bridge; 성수대교

Seongsu Bridge

Seongsu Bridge

  • Yeongdong Bridge; 영동대교

Yeongdong Bridge

  • Cheongdam Bridge; 청담대교

Cheongdam Bridge

  • Jamsil Bridge; 잠실대교

Jamsil Bridge

Jamsil Bridge

Jamsil Bridge

By Subway

Line 2 to Jamsil Stn, Exit 7 and walk for about 10 min towards Jamsil Bridge

Seongsu, Yeongdong, Cheongdam and Jamsil Bridge

  • Jamsil Railway Bridge; 잠실철교

Jamsil Railway Bridge

  • Olympic Bridge; 올림픽대교

Olympic Bridge

  • Cheonho Bridge; 천호대교

Cheonho Bridge

  • Gwangjin Bridge; 광진교

Gwangjingyo Bridge

By Subway

Line 5 to Gwangnaru Station, Exit 2 or to Cheonho Stn. Then walk for about 15 min
Read the article about the bridge by JoongAng Daily here.

Jamsil Railway, Olympic, Cheonho and Gwangjin Bridge

  • Gangdong Bridge; 강동대교

Gangdong Bridge

Gangdong Bridge

  • Seoul – Yangyang expressway (No.60)

Seoul-Yangyang expressway (No.60)

  •  Paldang Bridge; 팔당대교

Paldang Bridge

Paldang Bridge

Credit : Visit Korea, Wikipedia, Budget Travel Guide South Korea, Aving TV, obs88이영기Vince Yeow, Chinci


7 responses to “Han River (한강) : The Bridges

  • Allison

    Really? I didn’t pay much attention to the background when watch TV unless it’s very obvious. As I always say, you are a very detail oriented person. I wish I have this part of your skill. Hehe…

    See… Your comments were clear. It was me that read fast and did not read thoroughly. Sorry! It’s a bad habit that I need change.

  • styrnsr

    I think the bridges, which are most often appear in K-drama/movie, are Banpo and Hannam. For architectural I choose Seongsu Bridge (성수대교) – I agree with you Allison – and Banpo for the art of fountain.

    Oh ja, what I mean for previous question is which bridges are most often appear in K-drama/movie. I think I put the pervious question with ambiguous meaning. Sorry…..

  • Allison

    Oppss… I meant the architecture of the Seongsu Bridge instead of Yeongdong Bridge.

  • Allison

    I like the architectural design of the Yeongdong Bridge. But I wouldn’t choose these photos as screen saver or background. However, if I must choose from these photos then I will choose Jamsil Bridge daytime; it’s bright and easy to see to select the icon.

  • styrnsr

    Hi guys,

    After see those photos, which one is the most used as scene background in K-drama/movie ? Let me know your answer.

  • Allison

    Nice, I love seeing photos the bridges. Thanks foe sharing.

  • LonelyTravelog

    Great photos! I love the lighting.

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