Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) – Episode 13

  • Display of handphone # and date in SMS from Yoon Joo
  • Time on Yoon Joo’s SMS and Ki Joon’s handphone. We assume that Yoon Joo’s SMS was sent/received on 09:32 PM, but on Ki Joon’s handphone it showed 08:23 PM. Ahhh…, we have to ask mathematic/science teacher

  • Mahjong cards on the table

  • Camera, books and papers on the table

  • Painting equipment

  • Bag strap on the chair and Ah Jung’s dress

  • Monitor and background at Ah Jung’s office

  • Ki Joon’s handkerchief

  • Seat belt and Ah Jung’s dress

  • Ki Joon’s and Ah Jung’s towel on the head

  • Ticket and water glass on the table

  • Ki Joon’s handkerchief, again

  • Date on SMS from Yoon Joo and newspaper. What ?!?! You brought us back to the past time ? (Refer to second picture on top)

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