Running Man (런닝맨)

Air Time: Sunday at 17.20 pm (Korea Time)

Concept :
The show will have top star guests along with the MC be in ‘unexpected places’ with ‘unexpected item’ unfolding a different dimension from other existing variety shows.The show portrays action city variety where casts are constantly running into each other through the night, so its been decided that the program will be called “Running man” considering the content of the program”

Song Ji Hyo ( From Ep.7)

Date of Birth : 15 August 1981
Debut: Kiki Fashion Model (2001)
TV Shows :  Goong (2006) ,The Book of Three Han (2006)

 Official Website :

Detail information :

Credit : Soompi, Wikipedia

Note :

This is the part of games, which I like it very much.

Lee Hyori Photo Gallery

Episode 01

Gary Photo Gallery

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 05


2 responses to “Running Man (런닝맨)

  • styrnsr

    Finally I can catch up until ep 97 !

    Ep 96 – 97 are fantastic, great, amazing show I’ve ever watched. It’s because of Park Ji Sung is the best guest and “substitute” MC, who has ever had in RM. It’s not him only as the guest. There are still 2 big star football players, Jong Dae Se and Rio Ferdinand.

    When I saw Gary and Jong Dae Se, I was surprised too. They really look alike. It seems like they are sibling.

    I really hope that RM production team will release the full version of 2 football games in ep 96 and 97 as special bonus / extended episode.

    대박 !!!

  • styrnsr

    Frankly, I’d never liked the variety show before. However, since my friends always talked about it and I watched a part of SNSD episode, I decided to try it. I know that each episode is one show only and independent. But, I don’t want to watch randomly. So, I watched it from the beginning. Now I’ve finished it until ep 94. Next week will be new episode. Yeah, I was trying hard to catch up.

    From the ep 1 until ep 94 during watching it I always feel tense, laugh loudly and sometimes cry. I can never expect what will be happened in their games.

    What I notice from this variety show are :

    1. by (not) intentionally they are support the South Korea tourism promotion. It’s outdoor variety show. There are a lot of places, which have been taken as the shooting location
    2. the production team is very brilliant and genius, because can create a fresh and amazing games. Although, they use the same method, but they can bring it up without bored feeling on the viewer
    3. the production team really appreciate the RM members by giving the luxury prizes
    4. the soundtrack and sound effect are really match with the show and each RM member
    5. all RM members are solid. Although, they are very busy with their own activities, but still they come in the middle of show right away after finishing another activity. They seems like never tired
    6. the guests are from all generations, genders and career. Especially for girl/young lady guest, which always will be awaited by men members
    7. all VJs always follow all RM members without complain anything
    8. I can’t imagine how much they allocate the budget for each episode

    WOW!!! Two thumbs up for all RM members and production team.

    런닝맨은 대애바아악 !!!

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