Lombok : My dream come true

Gili Kondo

It was my first time to visit Lombok. On February 2012 my friend asked me to join the group to travel to Lombok. There was a promo for airplane ticket. Without thinking anymore, I grabbed this opportunity. Our group was from 3 companies with 7 persons. On the last day before D-day, I heard the news from my friend that there was 2 persons would join in our group. Honestly, I knew 1 person only in this group.

 Day 1, 20 April 2012

 We had to arrived at airport very earlier, since we couldn’t do web check in the day before our departure schedule. Our departure was on 10:50 WIB. All 5 persons had been already at airport early, but unfortunately my friend came very late. So, 3 of us had to check in via waiting list counter, since the check in had been closed. I was almost afraid that we couldn’t go to Lombok or had to go on the next flight.

 On 10:50 WIB  6 of us flew to Lombok. Oh ja, the flight of the rest of 3 members was before us with another airline. On 13:50 WITA we arrived at new Lombok international airport. The airport interior design is similar as Terminal 3  Soekarno – Hatta airport at Jakarta. Our tour guide had been waiting us with the other 3 members. Our tour guide rented the big travel car. So, it was very convenient for us.

 The first destination was Mawun Beach at South Lombok. There were no many tourists. We met a couple tourist and another one, who wanted to surf. It was very quiet and no peddler / huckster. We met few local villagers.


From Mawun Beach we continued to Selong Blanak Beach, still at South Lombok. At this place, there is a resort. Actually, we entered the resort area first, before we could find the beach. I don’t know whether there is another way. At this place there was no peddler / huckster too. We met few local villagers, who was ride the motorcycle.

At night, we had dinner at local resident home, our tour guide’s friend. We ate soto Lombok. Then, we went to the inn. It’s small, but quite enough for just sleeping one night only.

Day 2, 21 April 2012

We had to wake up early, because we wanted to catch the sunrise. We went on 05:00 WITA and still dark. Our destination was Gili Kondo and Gili Bidara. We had to ride the boat. On the way to Gili Kondo, the sky was very clear and we could see the stars. I never see it like that at Jakarta. Oh ja, Gili Kondo and Gili Bidara are at East Lombok. Not long after we arrived, the sunrise came out. Automatically we took the photo. At Gili Kondo and Gili Bidara we went snorkelling until almost noon. Since we had not breakfast yet, so we ate on the boat. We only ate instant noodle.

Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo


Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara

Our tour guide

We went back to the inn, had lunch and packed our things, then went to next destination. Our plan was to Gili Sulat, but we received bad news. There was no boat to Gili Sulat. So, we changed the schedule. We decided to go to Aan Beach. On origin plan, Aan Beach would be visited on the 3rd day. That’s OK.

On the way to Aan Beach, we visited the Sasak Village. At this village, we saw the traditional houses and learned how they live.

A few hours later we arrived at Aan Beach. My friend said that the place is like at Lord of The Rings Fellowship. First, I’m not sure about it. After I saw it myself, it’s true. There are many hills. We climbed one of them. We went to two places at Aan Beach. At those places, there are many peddler / huckster. It was very annoying for us. Perhaps, because of the place is very famous and as tourist destination. I almost forgot to tell you. Aan Beach is near Kuta, South Lombok. We saw sunset at here.


At evening we went to Mataram and had dinner. This time we ate beef sate. After our stomachs were full, we continued to the inn. The inn is much better than the first one. It’s clean and neat. The room is big.

Day 3, 22 April 2012

 It was the last day we stayed at Lombok. We woke up not very early, so we could sleep soundly and longer than first night. Maybe because of we were very tired yesterday. Around 09:00 WITA we packed our things and check out.

That morning we planned to go to gift center. First, we went to snack shop. We bought some snacks for our colleagues. Second, we went to pearl shop. At pearl shop there are many kind of accessories. It was a little bit difficult to choose it. Finally, we bought some pearl accessories, such as rings, bracelet, brooch, tasbih (Muslim prayer beads), etc

 For lunch we ate beef soup. Many guests came to this restaurant. The last destination is Sentra Tenun Sukarara, UD Dharma Setya. It’s a traditional fabric weaving center. One of my friends tried to weave the traditional fabric. After we saw the women weaving the traditional fabric and learned how they do it, we went to the shop. The shop is very big and we can find many things, which they make by themselves.


At last we had to separate, because the flight of 6 of us was on 14:35 WITA. Meanwhile the flight of another one was an hour later. The rest would be on the next day. 

Lombok Map

Lombok Map

On 15:35 WIB we arrived at Jakarta, home sweet home.

Note :

Indonesia has 3 time zones :

  1. WIB – Waktu Indonesia Barat (West Indonesia Time)
  2. WITA – Waktu Indonesia Tengah (Middle Indonesia Time)
  3. WIT – Waktu Indonesia Timur (East Indonesia Time)

 Credit : Indonesia Tourism, Kaskus


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