Rooftop Prince – Attic Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) – Episode 5 and 11

Episode 5

  • DSLR camera

At that moment Park Ha has already packed her stuffs and only one luggage still remains with her. I didn’t see the camera and accessories bags. Besides that, as long as I remember she never has camera. So, I assume that camera belongs to Lee Gak. But, I rethink again. Is it possible that Lee Gak knows about camera and buy it ? Lee Gak still very new in present era and it’s impossible for him to know everything in short time.

  • Yong Tae Yong’s handphone

Situations :

First      : It was in Park Ha hand
Second : It moved to Lady Mimi hand
Third    : It was already in Lee Gak hand

I try to reconnect between first, second and third situations. Park Ha’s friend gave the box to Park Ha. Inside the box, there are post card, handphone, etc. Park Ha opened the box and then put it back on the bed. When Lady Mimi came to her room and sat on the bed, she dropped the box on the floor by accident. When she arrived back to her house, she realized that she had taken the wrong handphone. I think she knew it and return it to Park Ha. However, at next scene Lee Gak already brought that handphone to Yong Tae Yong’s grandmother’s house. When did Lee Gak take it ? Was he know that that handphone was belongs to Yong Tae Yong ? So, how come he prepared it as a proof that he is Yong Tae Yong. It’s a big question mark.

Episode 11

Park Ha fell on the stair and her ankle was hurt. In the next scene, she walked normally without a limp or felt any pain on her ankle. It seems like she already healed or forgot about her pain. But, walah…. The next was she felt the pain again and walked with a limp. It’s a miracle !!!

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