Missing You @ I Miss You (보고싶다) – Summary


It has been 1.5 years since the last time I’ve posted the drama summary. That time I posted summary of Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐). This time my friend and I had been watched Missing You @ I Miss You (보고싶다). Once again, this drama makes us shaking our head (not the whole drama) and also made us thinking why they made some scenes very sloppy. We’ve started discussion about it right away. We have some opinions about this drama.

We have no problem for how the director and screenwriter developed the story and brought up the characters. They could develop the story, create mysteries and intrigues. Overall, the story is good. However, there are some weak points regarding the police matter. We agree that for this time we discuss about police matters only.

Facts of the impossible things about police matter and other things :

Episode 02

  • 23:24 – Kang Hyung Joon got treatment for his wound on his right leg.

Episode 03

  • 30:54 – Han Jung Woo escaped from side door of warehouse.
  • 46:34 – Inside the warehouse.

Episode 05

  • 45:04 – CCTV camera was inside Kang Hyung Joon’s house. No body saw it. The type of such CCTV camera was not placed in hidden place.

Episode 06

  • 38:39 – Landscape of warehouse.

Episode 8

  • 55:47 – Han Jung Woo watched the video from the car black box. He knew precisely which car had the black box that recording the Kang Sang Deung’s murder suspect.

Episode 11

  • 31:03 – Song Mi Jung was under siege with hostage inside the taxi. The police didn’t do anything when she killed hostage. Han Jung Woo only screamed loudly.

Episode 14

  • 49:52 – Han Jung Woo realized the rhythm sound of Kang Hyung Joon’s walking. But, he didn’t inspect furthermore.

Episode 15

  • 29:23 – Han Jung Woo aimed the pistol by using the right hand.
  • 42:14 – Nam Ui Joong body was found. Han Jung Woo examined the body. Nam Ui Joong’s mouth closed. Few minutes later, his mouth opened and Han Jung Woo found USB inside it.

Episode 17

  • 01:03:27 – Han Jung Woo aimed the pistol by using the left hand.

Episode 18

  • 05:58 – Detective Joo didn’t find CCTV monitor screen and didn’t try to find CCTV camera. Han Jung Woo had already informed him.

Episode 19

  • 04:38 – The police analyzed Yoon Young Jae (the real Harry Borrison / Moon Hae Joon) in the interrogation room, but they do it only by looking at his back through the window. Even they didn’t bother to look at the monitor screen.

Episode 20

  • 02:17 – Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon were under siege. In such situation, Han Jung Woo still didn’t react or get start to run away. They ran away after the front and rear windshield broke.
  • 08:33 – The police had already got instruction to protect Lee Soo Yeon. After Kang Hyung Joon tried to open the door, the police opened the windshield on the right side of Lee Soo Yeon. While Lee Soo Yeon was screaming with fear, the police didn’t do anything. Lee Soo Yeon didn’t try to close the windshield, although the button was right beside her. In fact, she was holding the windshield remains open.
  • 09:00 – Han Jung Woo, who has nickname Crazy Rabbit and is the fastest runner, couldn’t catch Kang Hyung Joon. Only grabbed the bag. Although Kang Hyung Joon rode bicycle very slow.
  • 09:39 – The police didn’t chase Kang Hyung Joon’s car. In the scene, there were few police cars at the background, but no police at all.
  • 45:02 – Han Jung Woo came to the old house with two detectives. When he entered the old house, those two detectives were not there.
  • 49:39 – Han Jung Woo couldn’t open the door for the first time. The door had been latched from outside. On the second time, he could open the door.
  • 52:00 – The “missing” two detectives had already joined Han Jung Woo to chase Kang Hyung Joon.
  • 52:00 – The detectives seems like had difficulties to catch Kang Hyung Joon, who couldn’t run and could walk only.
  • 53:36 – At the end two other detectives came up (total there were four detectives, exclude Han Jung Woo).
  • 53:42 – Kang Hyung Joon got a gunshot on his right leg. But still, he could drive the car, without prejudice to the consideration of his limp leg. When he parked the car, it seems like he never felt any pain.
  • 01:04:13 – Han Tae Joon’s car stopped at the right side of road not far after he turn left (the car position was parked neatly after being chased by police) and another car hindered Detective Joo’s car. In only few seconds, Lee Soo Yeon had already moved to Kang Hyung Joon’car.
  • 01:04:25 – After Kang Hyung Joon kidnapped Lee Soo Yeon and the car still could be seen, the police didn’t do anything, such as chasing the car.
  • 01:04:31 – Detective Joo had already asked Han Jung Woo about the position of Kang Hyung Joon. Just a minute before, he saw Kang Hyung Joon’s car left in front of his eyes.
  • 01:04:40 – The movement of Kang Hyung Joon’car on Han Jung Woo’s cellular display was very fast (considering the map scale is very small and the coverage area is very wide).

Episode 21

  • 05:34 – Kang Hyung Joon’s right leg was wounded and no treatment on that wound. However, he bandaged his right wrist, which was not wounded.
  • 18:24 – Tactical observation camera was used by police to inspect inside the warehouse. The light was on.
  • 21:59 – The sniper rifle laser moved randomly and the sniper wasn’t steady to lock the target. At that moment, Kang Hyung Joon didn’t move at all and he just sat down on the chair.
  • 23:31 – The sniper rifle laser still followed Kang Hyung Joon, even though there was no access to lock the target from the direction of the main door.
  • 23:41 – The position of the sniper was at the rooftop of the left building of main warehouse. The height of that building is lower than the main warehouse. From that position there was no access to lock the target. But still, he aimed at Kang Hyung Joon.
  • 24:05 – The sniper still tried to aim at Kang Hyung Joon from the direction of the main door. The sniper rifle laser moved randomly and not steady to lock the target, even thought there is no access to lock the target.
  • 24:20 – The police entered the warehouse and just stood there without did anything. In front of them, Han Jung Woo was lying on the floor, Lee Soo Yeon was crying for help and Kang Hyung Joon was in a condition that can be arrested easily.
  • 28:37 – The police shot Kang Hyung Joon either the hand or the shoulder. The effect of the shooting was Kang Hyung Joon dropped to the floor and seems like he had serious injury.
  • 30:21 – After the surgery, Kang Hyung Joon was in coma, just because the wound on his hand or shoulder.

Below is the screen captures, which can make you more understand especially about the police action when they surrounded the warehouse. And also, I put the landscape of warehouse.

Landscape of the warehouse.

Ep 03 - View from inside warehouse 1

Ep 06 - View from inside warehouse 6

Ep 06 - View from inside warehouse 7

Ep 06 - View from inside warehouse 8

Ep 06 - View from inside warehouse 9

Ep 06 - View from outside warehouse 4

Ep 21 - View from outside warehouse 10

Ep 03 - View from outside warehouse 2

Ep 03 - View from outside warehouse 3

The police surrounded the warehouse. The view from inside and outside the warehouse.

Ep 21 - 3 people position 1

Ep 21 - 3 people position 2

Ep 21 - 3 people position 3

Ep 21 - Sniper position 1

Ep 21 - Sniper position 2

Ep 21 - Sniper position 3

Ep 21 - Sniper position 4

Ep 21 - Sniper rifle laser 1

Ep 21 - Sniper rifle laser 2

Ep 21 - Sniper rifle laser 3

Ep 21 - 3 people position 4

Ep 21 - Sniper rifle laser 4

Ep 21 - Sniper position 5

Ep 21 - View from inside warehouse 11

Ep 21 - Sniper position 6

Questions :

Episode 8

  • 55:47 – How could the police find the precisely car, which had the black box that recording Kan Sang Deung’s murder suspect ? Considering there were a lot of cars parked at the parking lot.

Episode 15

  • 29:23 – Was Han Jung Woo left handed or right handed ? He aimed the pistol by using both hands.
  • 42:14 – How could the Nam Ui Joong’s mouth open by itself ? In fact, his body had already stiffed.

Episode 16

  • 57:43 – How come Nurse Jung and Kang Hyung Joon photo as evidence of Detective Kim’s murder case along with the cola can ?

Episode 18

  • 05:58 – Why Detective Joo didn’t search CCTV camera at the  house ? He had already informed that there was CCTV camera.

Episode 20

  • 08:33 – Why did the polices not do anything when Lee Soo Yean was screaming with fear ?
  • 09:00 – Why did Han Jung Woo grab Kang Hyung Joon’s bag only and not try to grab him ?
  • 54:12 – How long the gap time between Kang Hyung Joon run away after got a gunshot until he parked the car ? When he run away, it was still afternoon. But, when he parked the car, it was already night.
  • 58:19 – Kang Hyung Joon received a gun, after he got a gunshot. When did he order it and get the money to pay it ? Was it possible he went to ATM with his bad condition or he always put the money in the car ?
  • 01:00:00 – Who sent Han Tae Joon’s accounting book to Han Jung Woo ?
  • 01:04:13 – How come Han Tae Joon’s car stopped at the right side of road not far after he turn left in high speed after being chased by police? The car position was parked neatly. If he still wanted to park the car, it should be at the far place after he turned left.
  • 01:04:13 – How quickly was Lee Soo Yeon being transferred from Han Tae Joon’s car to Kang Hyung Joon’s car ? It happened not far from the police car, which was hindered by another car.
  • 01:04:25 – Why did the police not chase Kang Hyung Joon’s car after kidnapping Lee Soo Yeon ? In fact, Kang Hyung Joon’s car still could be seen by them.
  • 01:04:31 – How come Han Jung Woo know that Kang Hyung Joon would go to Soosung and inform Detective Joo ? In fact, Kang Hyung Joon’s car just left in front of Detective Joo’s eyes and Han Jung Woo didn’t know about it.
  • 01:04:40 – How was the speed of the kidnapper’s car actually ? Since the movement was very fast in cellular display (considering the map scale is very small and the coverage area is very wide). It seems like it was not a car, but jet plane.

Episode 21

  • 05:34 – Why was Kang Hyung Joon’s right wrist bandaged, not his right leg ? In the previous scene of episode 20, his right wrist didn’t hurt or has wound.
  • 18:24 – Can the police turn off the light of tactical observation camera and uses night vision ? The purpose is to avoid the suspect realized that he is being observed.
  • 21:59 & 24:05 – Why was the sniper very sloppy when aims at Kang Hyung Joon ? Was the sniper not trained well ? The laser moves randomly. Should the sniper use the laser in that situation ? The sniper should steady when hold the rifle. Our opinion, if sniper use it and the suspect know it, it could harmed the hostage.
  • 21:59 – From which direction did the sniper aim at the suspect ? As we know, there were no snipers at the right side of warehouse or at the rooftop of the right building of main warehouse.
  • 23:31, 23:41 & 24:05 – Does it possible that sniper aim at the suspect, although there is no access to view at the suspect clearly ?
  • 24:20 – Why did the police just stand there without do anything ? In such situation, the police should think and react quickly in seconds. It was the opportunity to safe the victims/hostage and arrests the suspect.
  • 28:37 & 30:21 – Does it possible that someone is in coma just because the minor injury ?

Conclusions :

  • Han Jung Woo aka Crazy Rabbit wasn’t fastest runner due to couldn’t able to catch Kang Hyung Joon, who has limp leg and couldn’t run.
  • The police didn’t do anything in critical situations and the reaction always late. Besides that, they always let Han Jung Woo in solo action.
  • The snipers were sloppy, not trained well, had no strategy and experience in hostage rescue. Even, they could harm the hostage.
  • Almost all things related to the police actions didn’t made very well. The director couldn’t bring up the real police actions.

My friend Oekas, thank you for such good discussion session. Hope we can do it again next time for other dramas.



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