Kim Jong Kook (김종국) – Journey Home

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After for few years no album was released, finally Kim Jong Kook released the 7th album – Journey Home. I’d heard about this new album before and I hoped he would make full album, not just mini album (frankly I dislike the mini album). After listening all songs, I can say that this is his best album so far. I recommend it to my friends and they have same opinion as mine.

Belated congratulation and thank you so much Kim Jong Kook-ssi for making us not to forget you as a singer (hehehe… due to I’ve already get used to see you in Running Man as Commander, Sparta-kook, Tiger and Kook-ie).

Journey Home

Release Date : November 1, 2012
Company | Publisher : JK Entertainment | CJ E&M
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean

 1. 니가 생각나
 2. 천 개의 발자국
 3. 좋겠다
 4. 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐
 5. 너무 예뻤어
 6. 너에게 하고 싶은 말 (feat. 개리, 하하)
 7. Nostalgia (feat. 마이키)
 8. 지워진다
 9. 남자도 슬프다 (feat. 마이티마우스)
10. 끝이 아닌 이야기

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