Misaeng – Incomplete Life (미생 – 아직 살아 있지 못한 자)


Title: 미생 / Misaeng
Also known as: Incomplete Life
Chinese Title: 未生
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-17 to 2014-Dec-20
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:40 (20:30 from ep 3)


Based on the webcomic “Misaeng” by Yoon Tae Ho which was published from 2012-Jan-20 to 2013-Oct-14 via cartoon.media.daum.net. This drama follows the lives of ordinary salaryman in their workplace.

Jang Geu Rae (Siwan) played the board game “baduk” (a strategy game somewhat like chess) since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional baduk player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, He is able to begin to work at “One International” as an intern and struggles to adapt working at a company.

Meanwhile, Ahn Young Yi (Kang So Ra) is a competent and intelligent new intern and Jang Baek Ki (Kang Ha Neul) is another co-worker. Oh Sang Sik (Lee Sung Min) will play their boss.


One International Intern

Siwan as Jang Geu Rae
Kang So Ra as Ahn Young Yi
Kang Ha Neul as Jang Baek Ki
Byun Yo Han as Han Suk Ryul
Yoon Jong Hoon as Lee Sang Hyun
Yeo Eui Joo as Jang Ki Suk

One International Sales and Marketing

Lee Sung Min as Oh Sang Sik (chief of sales 3rd team)
Kim Dae Myung as Kim Dong Shik (assistant manager of sales 3rd team)
Shin Eun Jung as Sun Ji Young (vice-chief of sales 1st team)
Park Hae Joon as Chun Kwang Woong (chief of sales 3rd team)
Ryu Tae Ho as Go Dong Ho (chief of sales 2nd team)
Kim Hee Won as Park Jong Shik (chief of resources 3rd team)
Kim Kyung Ryong as Lee Shin Tae (chief of sales department)
Park Jin Soo as Assistant Manager Hwang (assistant manager of sales 2nd team)

One International Staff

Nam Kyung Eup as One International CEO
Lee Kyung Young as Choi Young Hoo (managing director)
Son Jong Hak as Ma Bok Ryul (chief of resources departement)
Jung Hee Tae as Jung Hee Suk
Oh Min Suk as Kang Hae Joon (assistant manager of steel team)
Tae In Ho as Sung Dae Ri (assistant manager of fiber 1st team)
Hwang Suk Jung as Kim Sun Joo (chief of finance department)
Jo Hyun Shik as Kim Suk Ho (head office employee)
Kim Jung Hak as Lee Suk Joong (chief of IT sales team)
Choi Jae Woong as One International Jordan branch worker
Kim Jong Soo as Kim Boo Ryeon (Department Head of Sales Headquarter)


Sung Byung Sook as Geu Rae’s mother
Nam Myung Ryul as Geu Rae’s baduk teacher
Lee Shi Won as Ha Jung Yun (kindergarten teacher)
Lee Seung Joon as Shin Woo Hyun
Seo Yoon Ah as Lee Eun Ji


Lee Joon Hyuk as One International Employee
Kim Min Chan as One International Employee
Park Noh Shik as Deputy Department Head Ham
Song Young Jae as Team Leader of Korea Baduk Association
Jung Suk Yong as Department Head Hwang

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chan Ho
Producer: Lee Jae Moon, Ham Seung Hoon
Director: Kim Won Suk
Screenwriter: Jung Yoon Jung


– This drama is sequel of the 2013 omnibus mobile movie Misaeng: Prequel (미생 프리퀄)

– Actors Siwan & Lee Sung Min and about 50 staff members travelled toAmman, Jordan on 2014-Sep-18 to shoot prologue scenes for this drama. They will also film scenes in ancient Petra CityWadi Rum and other areas of Jordan. They will return to South Korea on 2014-Sep-24. This drama is the first South Korean drama series to film in Jordan.

Official Site

Official Poster

Early Trailer: Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV & Trailer V &Trailer VI

Latest Trailer: Trailer I & Trailer II (Kang So Ra) & Trailer II (Siwan) &Trailer III & Trailer IV & Trailer V & Trailer VI

5 Minutes Preview

Watch Online in Viki.com

Credit : Korean Drama

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