Mr. Back (미스터 백)


Title: 미스터 백 / Mr. Back
Also known as: Mister Baek
Chinese Title: 白先生
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-05 to 2014-Dec-25
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


This drama is based on the novel 올드맨 / Old Man by 이조영 / Lee Jo Young”.

Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun) is a hotel owner in his 70’s, who is oblivious to everything else except himself and money. He suddenly turns into a young man in his 30’s and feels love for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Eun Ha Soo (Jang Nara) is a hardworking Candy type who goes from part-time job to part-time job with no prospects. She finally lands her first salaried job and meets Choi Go Bong, and through him she’ll learn to dream for the first time in her life, while Choi Go Bong will finally get to experience what love is.


Main Cast

Shin Ha Kyun as Choi Go Bong / Choi Shin Hyung
Jang Nara as Eun Ha Soo
Lee Joon as Choi Dae Han (Choi Go Bong’s son)
Park Ye Jin as Hong Ji Yoon

People around Choi Go Bong

Jung Suk Won as Jung Yi Gun
Hwang Bo Ra as Yoo Nan hee
Go Yoon as Kang Ki Chan
Jo Mi Ryung as Choi Mi Hye (Choi Go Bong’s younger sister)
Jun Gook Hwan as Choi Young Dal (Choi Go Bong’s younger brother)
Hwang Young Hee as Lee In Ja (Choi Young Dal’s wife)
Lee Moon Shik as Sung Gyung Bae (Choi Go Bong’s secretary)
Kim Byung Ok as Go Bong’s doctor

People around Eun Ha Soo

Jang Sung Bum as Eun Byung Soo
Lee Mi Do as Son Woo Young (Eun Ha Soo’s friend)
Lee Mi Young as Go Jung Sook (Eun Ha Soo’s mother)


Noh Soo Ram

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company (이김프로덕션)
Chief Producer: Han Hee
Director: Lee Sang Yeob
ScriptWriter: Choi Yoon Jung


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Popularity Actress: Jang Na Ra (Mr. Back, Fated To Love You)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Popularity Actor: Shin Ha Kyun (Mr. Back)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Jang Na Ra (Mr. Back, Fated To Love You)

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

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Credit : Korean Drama

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