Another Parting (어떤 안녕)


Title: 어떤 안녕 / Eoddeon Annyeong

Also knowan as: Some Kind of Goodbye / What Kind of Goodbye

Genre: Romance, melodrama, fantasy, action

Episodes: 5

Broadcast network: DRAMAcube

Broadcast period: 2014-Feb-17 to 2014-Feb-25

Ep 1-2: 2014-Feb-17

Ep 2-3: 2014-Feb-18

Ep 3-4: 2014-Feb-24

Ep 4-5: 2014-Feb-25

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00

Insert song: Another Parting (어떤 안녕) by Melody Day


The story about a man and a woman who met at the last moments of their life and the one very special day they share together. The man wants to go until the end, while the woman really wanted to live.

Watch Online (with English Subtitles): 1theK (Former Loen Music) Official Channel


Seo In Gook as Ahn Young Mo / Hul

Wang Ji Won as Seo Ha Na

Choi Dae Hoon (최대훈) as Kang Joon Suk

Oh Cho Hee as Jenny

Lee Dong Jin (이동진) as Jung Soo

Choi Sung Min as Detective Lee


Lee Yong Nyuh as female knight disguised as taxi driver (ep 1)

Hong Kyung Yun (홍경연) as leaflets ahjumma (ep 1)

Production Credits

Production Company: Loen Entertainment

Director: Won Tae Yeon (원태연)

Screenwriters: Won Tae Yeon (원태연), Choi Eun Ha (최은하)

Credit : Drama Wiki


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