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How To Set Asian Keyboard

Standard keyboard which we usually use is QWERTY. For some countries which have their own letter, they have their own standard keyboard. For example : Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, Arabic, etc. As for people who study other language as mentioned it before, they want to be able to write it in document, email or in chatting box. But, they have difficulty to do it, since don’t know how to add that language/letter in their PC/notebook. Continue reading

Learn Korean Language (한국어/한글)


Hi Guys,

Just want to share with you all for those who has deep interest in learning other language especially Korean.

Below are some links that can provide you with few materials to begin with.

1. Talk To Me in Korean

(Have thousands materials from beginner until advanced)

2. Hong’s Hangul Conversion Tools

(Nice conversion tools to learn 한글 alphabet)

3. Korean Language @ Wikipedia

(Give deep description on korean language)