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Seoul Bus System

Seoul Introduces New City

 Bus System On July 1, 2004, the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced the newly adjusted public transportation system. Five key points characterize the system overhaul:

1) Bus routes have been simplified;
2) Four different categories of buses have been established;
3) The current fixed-rate bus fare system has been replaced by a differentiated fare scheme based on distance traveled.
The subway fare is integrated with the bus fare system.
4) The bus numbers indicate districts in Seoul, which will enable passengers to identify the bus departure point and destination;
and 5) The installation of a satellite communications system will enable passenger to check bus arrival times at bus stations or destinations using mobile phones or PDAs. Continue reading

Seoul MRT / Subway Map

If we want to travel to another country by our selves, the first thing has to be checked is the transportation. The transportation, which can be chosen are bus, MRT/subway, taxi or rental car. The cheapest one is MRT/subway.

I’ve seen the MRT/subway map from other countries. But, this one makes me to open my eyes wide and my head is dizzy. It’s hard to remember, even for short trip. I will be disoriented and can get lost over there, if I go by myself. 🙂 Continue reading